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Author Shereen Smiths Big Smile Short Stories Into the Fire by Shereen Smith Shereen Smith and Lakisha Nelson Shereen Smith Books
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Shereen Smith is a short story author who started her work in writing by creating short stories on a popular social media website. Her stories include real life situations from her own creative mind then intertwined with real life experiences of others to create a marvel for reading. When she is not writing, she is the mother of two sons’ and working full time as a Substance Abuse Counselor. Step into the world of Monica Fitzgerald as she experiences hardships from a very early age.  After having 3 children before the age of 18, Monica later found she was infected with HIV.  Her world is filled with denial and sadness that Monica constantly tries to push to the back of her mind as she attempts to move on with her life.  How will people accept her after finding out she is infected?  Find out as you read this “Based on a true story” book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 14 & 15 March 2015 Danville VA at Ten Ten Jazz Lounge more information Into the Fire Shereen Smith first novel is a story inspired by true events that occurred in the life of a character we will call Katherine. Newly divorced, Katherine finds herself feeling lonely after 20 years of marriage until one day she meets a man who swept her off her feet. Katherine falls head over heels for this dark stranger who eventually becomes her second husband. During the relationship, she begins to experience repeated hardship such as her husband doing drugs and staying out all night, then eventually a video surface of her husband sleeping with another man. Katherine finds herself on her knees praying to God that she hasn’t been infected with an STD after being with her husband for two years.   Read more... Big Smiles Short Stories Shereen Smith started writing stort stoies and posting them on social media sites.  We have now collected them into her Big Smiles Stort Stories” collection.  You can read them, and comment on them after each part of the story... we look forward to your feedback. Read More...
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Author Shereen Smith's Into the Fire Author Shereen Smith Author Shereen Smith's Into the Fire Shereen Smith and Lakisha Nelson Shereen Smith and Lakisha Nelson
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